Friday, December 16, 2011

FFWD Potato Chip Tortilla

By the time this posts, I'm hoping to be asleep on the beach in Puerto Rico.  It's been another busy week, but the good news is that this week ends in a vacation!  I did all of my cooking on Sunday this week because I had plans Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night (that absolutely never happens to me!) and then on Thursday morning we're flying to Puerto Rico for a short vacation.

I try to avoid buying my lunch at work, so I decided to make the potato chip tortilla and some broccoli slaw on Sunday to take for lunch during the week.  Before I tasted it, I was absolutely thrilled with how the tortilla turned out.  As I mentioned, last Sunday I tried to make a swiss chard frittata and while it tasted great, it looked ugly.  I had a lot of trouble keeping it from sticking to the pan, I tried to flip it which only made it more of a mess, and it basically turned into scrambled eggs.  This tortilla, however, came out looking beautiful - if I do say so myself.  I used a smaller pan and a little bit more oil which I think really helped with the sticking, and I love Dorie's broiler method.  It's always so much easier than trying to flip it over. 

Finished tortilla
Since I've been blogging I've been paying more attention to how dishes look than I used to, but I'm still primarily concerned with the taste.  On that dimension I liked, but didn't love, this recipe.  I was a bit wary - I can't remember the last time I purchased potato chips - but it was definitely easy and I liked the flavor they added.  The one thing I think I messed up was the salt.  I didn't add any because I thought the chips would add enough salt, but once I tasted it I wished I had.  It was good, but maybe a bit bland.  I liked the color the herbs added - I used what was left in my vegetable drawer: basil, parsley, and cilantro - but was surprised that they didn't add more flavor.  This is definitely something I'd make again if I had extra potato chips around, but I doubt I'd go out of my way to make it.  The broccoli slaw ( is definitely something I'd make again.  It was quick, easy, tastes good, and is actually reasonably healthy.



  1. Your tortilla looks delicious. Have fun in Puerto Rico!

  2. Have a great vacation in Puerto Rico! The tortilla looks great - but your broccoli slaw looks even better. I'm with you on making if I have extra chips, but didn't find this to be so flavorful that I'd be craving it. Happy Holidays!

  3. Funny about the salt, wasn't it? I had the same experience. Your lunch looks great. I'll have to try to broccoli slaw. I'm always trying to find ways to like broccoli. It's so good for you, but it's a bit of struggle for me. Hope your Puerto Rico vacation was relaxing!

  4. Have a great vacation!
    Several us of had the same issue with the seasoning. I guess chips are not as seasoned as you would think they would be?

  5. Great holidays and a Merry christmas to you. Yes it could use more salt, it suprised me too, but I liked the dish further.