Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TWD Mocha Brownie Cake

I'm on the plane and internet is slow, so this is going to be another quick post.  (I have to go to Texas overnight for work.  It will be my first night away from Charlotte.  I'm not the least bit happy about it.)  Here are the pros and cons of this cake, as I see them.

-- If I hadn't just run out of semisweet chocolate, I would already have had all of the ingredients on hand.
-- It gave me an excuse to make a pot of (decaf) coffee.
-- The cake batter came together quickly and easily.
-- I love just baking one layer and slicing it into thirds, instead of having to bake two or three layers.
-- The ganache was delicious, and the cake was surprisingly easy to frost.
-- Did I mention how delicious the ganache was?

-- Brown on brown does not make for a pretty photograph.  I'll be curious to see how everyone else fixed this problem.  The other members of the group are so creative!
-- Maybe I over-baked it, but I was pretty unimpressed by the actual cake layers.  They were kind of dry, and not as chocolate-y as I wanted them to be.


  1. Your cake looks beautiful!!
    With chocolate cake, the baking is often a big deal: bake enough but not too much otherwise it will be too dry!!!
    It was a great recipe, definitely a keeper!!!

  2. yes, I think brown-on-brown needs the help of a colored plate. I agree that the ganache was awesome!

  3. Where chocolate is concerned, I don't care what the picture looks like.

  4. True, this doesn't photograph well. I made a comment about it in my post as well!

  5. I lack the time and the proper camera and props for truly spectacular photos on my blog. You get what I see----my kid-friendly home in the background! ;)

    Your cake looks yummy to me!

  6. Well it maybe brown on brown but the layers are showing up. And yes the ganache is GOOD.

  7. I hope your trip went well. The first one can be tough, can't it?
    I agree - the ganache was the best part :-)

  8. Yeah, that's why I always throw a few raspberries in for a pop of color. But you have a good excuse not to make an extra trip to the market!

  9. I echo your post.. cake, not so good.. ganache.. love ganache! The ganache definitely was the best part. This was a hard one to photograph.