Friday, June 8, 2012

TWD Oasis Naan

On Memorial Day weekend, Paul and I spent Saturday and Sunday camping at the beach.  It was a great trip.  The water wasn't warm enough to swim yet, but the weather was gorgeous, and we had lots of fun reading, sleeping, and walking on the beach.  We came back early Monday morning so we could meet some friends for brunch.  This meant that when we got home Monday afternoon the house was a mess, we had a million things to put away from our camping trip, and I hadn't started on any of my usual weekend chores.  It was also over 90 degrees and extremely humid.  So, I decided this was a great time to ignore the cleaning and chores and sit down, plan our meals for the week, and make a grocery list.  

This is how I ended up at home at 3:30 - after a trip to the grocery store - ready to bake Oasis Naan and a French Strawberry Cake, roast rhubarb and broccoli, and make lentil salad and vegetable pot au feu.  Luckily, the naan recipe is very hands off.  I mixed and kneaded the dough, and left it to rise while I worked on the cake.

After about 2 hours (it was a little over because I wanted to get the cake in the oven), the dough had risen over the bowl and I was ready to shape the bread.

I did a terrible job of making it anywhere close to circular, but I had other cooking to do and was too hot to care about anything other than finishing my baking and getting out of the kitchen, so I put the scallions, cumin seed, and salt on top and baked these off.  Mine came out very puffy, and didn't taste very much like the naan I've had at restaurants.  I did substitute half whole grain flour for white flour, though, so that might have affected the texture.  Either way, they were very good on their own (as long as I didn't try to think of them as naan).  I really liked the flavor the cumin seeds and scallions added.  It went surprisingly well with some cheese I had, but was also definitely great on its own.  

I served this with vegetable pot au feu - another catch-up recipe for FFWD.  I really enjoyed all of the fresh vegetables, and absolutely love poached eggs.  I thought the herb sauce was pretty crucial, it added a lot of flavor.  This was a very nice dinner after a weekend of grilling at our campsite.

Our hosts for the week are Maggie and Phyl.  Go to their sites to get the recipe, and go here to see what the other bloggers thought of the naan.


  1. Ooh that Pot Aa Feu looks delicious! Maybe I will make that for dinner tomorrow night - I have a friend coming to stay and it looks pretty and impressive! My naan was also pretty puffy so I think that's how this recipeis supposed to be.

  2. Wow. I thought I had busy Dorie days. You went for the gold! Both the naan and pot au feu look awesome!

  3. Kudos for continuing to plug away at the back recipes! I really liked that pot au feu when we made it.