Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TWD Bagels

Even though I somehow managed to take another whole month off posting, I actually was keeping up with the recipes.  I'm going to try to get my thoughts/pictures from last month posted quickly this week, and then hopefully next week I'll be back on track with TWD and FFWD.  When I read this bagel recipe, I knew these weren't going to be my favorite.  My favorite bagels are dense and incredibly chewy, and so I was disappointed when these were described as more cake-like.  The good news was that it makes the dough much easier to work with.  These didn't take nearly as long as I was expecting to shape, and even I was able to make bagels that were reasonably circular.  The recipe was also forgiving.  I substituted about one-third of the flour with whole wheat flour, and thought they still rose beautifully.  As expected, these weren't the bagels of my dreams.  We certainly enjoyed them, but next time I'm going to look for a recipe that promises chewier bagels.  (Does anybody have a good one?)


  1. I still need to try these as a TwD make-up! Yours look great!

  2. I haven't found that perfect bagel recipe yet - although, using a high gluten flour certainly helps get the chew factor closer to what I like.
    These look great :-)

  3. Jora, now that I have finally seen your post on the Bagels, I can tell you that they look wonderful, they have a great color and shape and I love that you served them with a big salad (including lamb´s lettuce!)

    Hope all is well! Have a wonderful weekend!