Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TWD Boca Negra and Rustic Potato Loaves

The good news is that with these recipes posted, the last thing I have to catch up on is croissants.  The bad news is that the croissants take 3 days, and that I'm due in 5 weeks and will most likely be behind again very soon...Anyway, I was not the least bit happy with my Boca Negra!  You can barely tell from the awful photo I took, but it didn't set at all.  After baking it for the recommended time it seemed done (based on the top) so I flipped it out of the pan as per the recipe.  Well, it looked like a puddle and didn't hold it's shape at all.  So, Paul helped me flip it back into the pan and I baked it again for a long time.  (I don't remember how long, but it was at least an additional 30 minutes).  Again, when I pulled it out it seemed done.  Again, when I flipped it over it didn't hold together.  At this point I was sick of all of the flipping so I decided to serve it as a pudding.  It tasted good, but I was completely annoyed by the recipe at this point.  It did set up in the fridge--to the consistency of fudge--but never felt at all like a cake (even a flour-less cake).  It was a fun Passover-friendly recipe to try, but definitely not one that I'll be making again.

The Rustic Potato Loaves, on the other hand, were absolutely excellent.  I followed the recipe exactly, except for subbing out half whole wheat flour for the AP, and was thrilled with how they came out.  I was worried they were too small when I was putting them in the oven--I don't think I've ever seen a bread recipe with such short rises--but they rose beautifully in the oven.  I normally make No Knead bread at home and we love it as an accompaniment for meals--it's great for dipping--but this might be the perfect sandwich bread.  I was able to cut nice big slices and it stayed fresh for days.  It had a nice flavor, but was definitely neutral enough to go with anything.  This is definitely one that I'll be making again.


  1. Beautifully done! Can't wait to try these loaves - I missed them the first go-round!

  2. This was my rewind recipe as well. It was a big hit in my house and I will definitely be making these again, but maybe with a little less salt. Your loaves look beautiful.

  3. I remember the boca negra....it took a very, very long time to bake. (not exactly 30 minutes as the recipe said)
    Your potato loaves look wonderful. I absolutely loved that bread and can't wait to make it again.

  4. Oh, I remember that black mouth cake :-)
    I can't believe you are only 5 weeks away. Wow.

  5. I had my baby 3 weeks ago so I can totally relate to where you are. Best of luck to you! If you get behind in your baking, do not fret. Baby is way more important! I am sorry that your boca negra didn't work so well... but the potato loaves look perfect! I thought they were delicious, something I will definitely try again! Best wishes for your upcoming life change!!