Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TWD Double Chocolate Cookies

I made the batter dough for these (it really was more like a batter) on a Sunday night, but we already had leftover chocolate cream pie from my dad's birthday to finish (life is hard around here!) so this sat in the fridge a couple of days until I was ready to bake it off.  The night I baked these off Paul got home late.  Charlotte and I finished baking them and I--luckily--dropped one while I was transferring it to the cooling rack, so since it was already broken I figured I might as well just eat it.  Wow, warm from the oven these were incredible.  As I was getting Charlotte ready for bed Paul got home, so after saying goodnight to her he wandered into the kitchen while I fed her and tried to put her to sleep.  Normally we both stay far away while the other one is trying to get Charlotte down--we wouldn't want to risk waking her--but that night Paul tip-toed back in with half a cookie and said I had to try it now while it was still warm.  Such a nice husband!  I, of course, didn't bother telling him that I'd already eaten one.  We both absolutely loved these cookies.  I used a mix of chocolate--some bittersweet Callebaut, another really expensive chocolate from Whole Foods, but also some really old (the outside had turned white-ish) Ghiradellis--and the flavor, along with the coffee flavor, was just incredible.  I had originally planned on bringing the leftover cookies in for my co-workers, but after one bite we decided we had to have these for ourselves.  We ate them for a couple of days and then I froze the rest.  Last night I took them out of the freezer to defrost, and "accidentally" broke one on the way upstairs, so I figured I might as well just eat it.  Even frozen, these cookies are excellent!  I'm sure it'll take all of my willpower to save some for Paul and not finish the rest off while I'm home tomorrow.


  1. Glad these were a hit! They look great.

  2. Those cookie accidents sound dangerous - no cookie is safe :-)
    They look great

  3. Well now I have to make them again just to see what they are like frozen!! :)
    They really were good cookies!!

  4. Great post. I wish I had thought to freeze some! I'm sure they are fabulous that way. I love chocolate cupcakes straight from the freezer. (The color change on the chocolate is usually from temperature changes, rather than age.)