Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TWD Potato Lefse Rewind

We were on vacation the weekend before we were assigned to post about these.  Before we went away I had big visions of getting home from Florida Monday morning, walking immediately in the house to cook the potatoes, and having hot lefse on the table for dinner Monday night.  Well, when our plane landed on Monday morning I was greeted by urgent calls and emails from work, and a car with a dead battery.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and overwhelmed.  Re-reading the recipe, I decided to accept that it just wasn't going to happen....So, I'm very glad we have rewind days.  I'm also very glad to be baking these with a group.  Reading everyone else's posts, and all of the helpful suggestions for equipment to use so that I didn't need to purchase anything special, calmed my anxiety and made me feel ready to attempt these.  This Saturday I cooked, "riced" (using my food mill), mixed, and chilled the potatoes.  On Sunday evening, after Charlotte went to bed, I mixed the dough and then I rolled lefse while Paul griddled them.  If I had to I probably could have done both tasks myself (much more slowly), but this really was a perfect two-person job.  The timing worked exactly correctly.  Each time I rolled one out and used my icing spatula to lift it off the board, I turned my head and Paul was taking the last lefse out of the cast iron skillet.  

After we were finished (even with two people it took at least 30 min to make 16), we sat down to eat.  I served these with jam, butter, and cinnamon sugar.  On the side we had pickled beets and eggs with horseradish cream.  I'm glad we made these--it was a fun process and we enjoyed them--but I doubt they'll make a frequent appearance in our house.  It's rare that we both have the time and energy to work on something like this.


  1. Oh, your meallooks absolutely yummy!
    We made lefses as well (and was a première, too in our house) and loved them.
    The kids ask often for more :-)

  2. Oh, that sounds like a rough "welcome home".

    I enjoyed these, but they were a bit of work for one person (fortunately, I still have half a batch in the freezer :-) )

  3. They look wonderful, Jora. I enjoyed making these, as well as eating them!