Tuesday, July 1, 2014

FFWD Guacamole with Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

My initial reaction to this recipe was "Seriously?  Guacamole from a French cookbook?"  Well I was wrong, again.  Leave it to Dorie to teach me how great guacamole tastes when made in a mortar and pestle.  I thought that I preferred chunky guacamole and almost used the second method, but then I decided I might as well try something different so I got out my mortar and pestle.  How delicious!  I love how well it combined the flavors.  I don't think I'd add the bell peppers again--and I'm on the fence about the addition of tomatoes--but I'll definitely use this method again.    

I served this with grilled mahi mahi and warmed corn tortillas for quick and easy fish tacos.  Salad with roasted beets, cheese, and pistachio pesto on the side.  We still have SO much lettuce to eat!


  1. What a meal. I wish I had been seated at your table. A tip of the toque to you for trying something different - smooth instead of chunky. Although I made mine in a mortar and pestle also, I stayed with chunky. I am one of the few who did like the red pepper in this guac. Just something different. Whether you're late or early or just on time, Jora, we appreciate your always posting your results.

  2. I made mine in the food processor, since my mortar is a bit small. I think that made the difference with the red pepper - all the flavour and none of the texture. Your fish tacos sound amazing!

  3. A fork has always worked for me. I don't mind the bells either but since they are so polarizing I don't see why they need to be in a dish that is meant to bring people together. Do you?