Wednesday, September 3, 2014

TWD Oven-Roasted Plum (Peach) Cakes

We spent the long weekend cabin-camping at the beach.  It was absolutely great.  We haven't taken many family vacation with just the three of us yet, but we definitely want to start taking more.  It was so fun to get away and to have a few uninterrupted days with Charlotte.  We got home late Monday afternoon, and my thoughts quickly turned to these cakes.  Around here it's too late in the season for plums.  I did find some Italian prune plums at a farmer's market, but they had gone bad.  I did have fresh peaches in the kitchen, so I decided those would have to do.  Next I saw that the recipe called for 12 custard cups.  I have 6 ramekins at most, but I figured that with only two tablespoons of batter this would work perfectly in muffin tins.  Wrong!  I couldn't believe it, but even with the small amount of batter once I added peaches and brown sugar these rose tremendously in the oven.  They were impossible to get out of the pan neatly.  I "had" to eat lots of the browned, carmel-y tops (the ones that didn't come out of the pan nicely) in the kitchen by myself.  Paul pointed out that I should have used ramekins for at least a couple, so at least I'd have a nice picture.  Oh well!  Maybe next time.  Looks aside, these were quick, easy, and delicious.  Definitely a recipe to make again.


  1. Too bad you had to eat all those tops by yourself... ;)

    I bet the peach was perfect for these. Really any fruit would work well I think. I loved how quick and easy these were. A keeper for sure.

  2. Glad you had a nice vacation.
    It really was a shame that you had to take care of those brown sugar pieces. Such a pity :-)