Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWD Irish Soda Bread

I know that I've made Irish Soda Bread a couple of times before, but I couldn't remember anything good or bad about it, just that it had raisins.  So this time I decided to follow the basic recipe exactly, just to see what it would be like without any add-ins at all.  It came together incredibly easy.  It took just a few minutes to combine the ingredients and gently mix the dough together.

Shaping the dough was equally quick and easy,

and it looked beautiful coming out of the oven.  (Unfortunately, I'm a space cadet and, even though I was trying so hard to focus and remember to take process pictures this week, I somehow forgot to take a picture of the finished loaf of bread!  But trust me, it was pretty.)

We enjoyed it with butter for Sunday night dinner, alongside some matzoh ball soup and my absolute favorite baked spinach.  We ate a quarter of the bread with our dinner, but I think I remembered why I don't make Irish Soda Bread more frequently.  It's quick and easy and we definitely enjoy it, but the two of us can't eat a whole loaf and it doesn't keep well at all.  As soon as it cooled I cut it into quarters and froze three of them; I'll be curious to see how those turn out.  If they're good, then maybe I'll make the bread again.  Otherwise, I'll probably stick to yeast breads, quick breads that keep better, and biscuits!

The same day I made the Soda Bread I also made Oatmeal Sandwich Bread from Good to the Grain.  I couldn't resist taking photos.  I don't think I've ever actually succeeded in getting bread to rise up over the pan before.  I'm not sure what I did to get so lucky - I'm sure at least part of it is the great recipe (I love this cookbook!) - but it was excellent bread.  A little bit more time consuming than the Irish Soda Bread, but most of the time was just waiting around, and it was delicious and kept excellently for days.

This weeks hosts are Cathy and Carla.  Go to their sites to read their posts and get the recipe, and to TWD to see what everyone else thought of the Soda Bread. 


  1. Both loaves look delicious. Great double post!

  2. That oat bread sounds delicious. I actually found that my soda bread kept well for 48 hours as long as I wrapped it very tightly in plastic wrap.

  3. Both loaves are beautiful! I can tell from the photo of the sliced soda bread that it was a pretty golden color. Your second loaf from Good to the Grain rose so high - how wonderful! I like the look that the oatmeal on top gives the loaf.

  4. Jora, your soda bread looks wonderful...but I'm really eying that gorgeous loaf of oatmeal bread!!! Off to find that recipe :)

  5. Wahat a stunning rbead - it is shaped and baked perfectly :D

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  6. Very nice.
    I LOVE the oatmeal bread from Good to the Grain (if that is the one where you don't knead the salt in until after the salt has risen some, I think the late addition of the salt helps the yeast get a head start on its magic...)