Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TWD Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas

I enjoyed making this recipe.  Like the savarin, it had multiple components but none was too hard.  In the morning I quickly mixed up the sponge and left it to rise.  In the afternoon Charlotte "helped" me add the rest of the ingredients, kneed the dough, and start the second rise.  (By "helped", I mean she slept nicely in her carrier and allowed me to cook.)  When we were ready for dinner, all I had to do was make the filling (while the oven pre-heated), shape, and bake the breads.  (I totally forgot to mention that I don't eat lamb so I substituted ground turkey.  I make the substitution without even thinking about it!)  I wasn't quite sure whether this was an appetizer or a main course (I'll be very curious to how the other Doristas served this), but I decided to try serving it as a main with the leftover tzatziki and crudite from the previous night.  I set the table with candles and grape juice for Friday night, put a pizza on each of our plates, and put the tzatziki and crudite out as well.  Paul sat down, took one look at the table, and asked me what was for dinner.  He was less than thrilled when I told him that was dinner, and said that he didn't see a main course.  We each ate two pita pizzas along with our vegetables.  With cake for dessert I thought it was enough food, but I guess next time I would serve the pizzas as an appetizer or as part of an entree with some more substantial side dishes.  Oh well.  I did enjoy the dish.  Anything with fresh summer tomatoes is a winner in my book, and I really liked the flavors of cinnamon and allspice.

(Here is a phone shot of Charlotte and I cooking.  Paul laughed at me for taking a photo of the ceiling, but I was home alone and it isn't exactly easy to get a good angle with one hand :-) .)


  1. That looks like a lovely dinner!! This was a good pita recipe. I really liked making the pizzas, but loved the pitas even more!
    We had the pizzas for lunch, as I didn't think my hubbie would think it would be enough for a dinner. (men, huh!) :)

  2. Hey - kids are never too young to help (and sometimes sleep help is the best kind - my girls are 18 & 19 are there are still some mornings when I hope they sleep in :-) )
    I like the idea of having this as part of a light dinner!

  3. Jora, actually I like the idea of some fresh veggies and tzatziki alongside these Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas for dinner - sounds like a wonderful combination - makes me smile to read that your husband was looking for the main course - but I must say that I served them as appetizers (but they were really small). How nice that Charlotte gets "to cook" with you!

  4. Your meal looks and sounds lovely. Personally, I enjoy small, light meals to big ones. No matter what size meal I make, my husband is always rummaging in the cupboard for something more afterward.