Monday, May 12, 2014

TWD Scallop and Pesto Purses

A couple of months ago we went to Florida for a long weekend to visit my grandmother.  In one of my brighter moments, I noticed a big box of basil in the fridge that would certainly be black by the time we got home.  I was too rushed to make pesto, but I washed it, pulsed it in the food processor with some olive oil, and then froze it in ice cube trays.  I used some of the defrosted cubes in a delicious shrimp and white bean salad, some in this recipe, and also imagine they'll be great with some pasta and grated parmesan.  As for this recipe?  I loved the flavors.  The pesto, scallop, and phyllo wrapping went great together.  I also thought these were very pretty.  My only complaint is the soggy bottoms (I REALLY love Julia Child!).  These would work well as a plated appetizer, but I tried to pick one up and the scallop fell right through.

Unless we have company, I never bother with appetizers in our house.  I served these with some wilted spinach and a Greek salad vegetable stack.  It was a fun Friday night dinner.

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  1. They do make a very festive appetizer for little work really. I made mine with goat cheese, onion confit, and fig - experienced soggy bottoms as well. Your vegetable stack looks delicious!