Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TWD Berry Galette

This recipe really is a keeper.  (My mom and I still say that.  I thought it was so funny to read in the recipe head-notes that it is an expression used by old-fashioned cookbooks.)  I was very excited to make this recipe and everything started out very well.  Paul and I went to a pick-your-own farm this weekend.  In addition to 50+ pounds of tomatoes and 20+ pounds of peaches to can, we picked blackberries and raspberries.  Combined with some store-bought blueberries, I had the perfect filling ready for the galette.

The trouble started when I started to make the dough.  I'm really curious to see if anyone else had problems with it.  I thought I followed the directions exactly, but I must have mis-read or mis-measured something, because after mixing it in the food processor I was left with a very wet, sticky mess.  It wouldn't even come close to forming a ball.  My only change was substituting half of the AP flour with whole grain flour, but that should have made the dough drier, if anything.  I didn't know what to do, so I just threw small handfuls of flour - trying to alternate between AP, whole grain, and cornmeal - into the dough and kept mixing with my hands until it was dry enough to form a (very sticky) ball.  I then threw it in the freezer (I didn't have the full two hours to refrigerate it) and tried to forget about it.  When I came back to it - after leaving it on the counter long enough for it to thaw - it was still very sticky, but with some AP flour for the board I was able to roll it into a circle.  

I was still worried about the texture of the crust, but continued on.  From there, the recipe came together very quickly.  I skipped the sugar and just drizzled honey on top of the berries.  The galette was ready to bake, but my oven is currently broken, so Paul offered to try grilling the galette.  I was nervous (especially after some mishaps over the weekend) but didn't have a better idea, so we went for it.  We checked the galette frequently, and after about 30 minutes it looked perfect.  We tasted it and it was just delicious.  I couldn't believe that the crust had come out so well.  I love the simplicity of it.  The star really is the fruit.  My only complaint was how small it is!  I wish I had made two!

Our hosts for the week are Lisa and Andrea.  Go to their sites for the recipe, and to the TWD site to see what everyone else thought.


  1. All those fresh berries you picked make me long for summer! Great combination for a galette. Maybe you measured half the flour in the recipe but the whole of butter and sour cream. Anyway, if it was delicious who cares!

    1. Yeah, I kept trying to figure out where my measurement went wrong. It must have been something like that.

  2. I also worried about how wet the dough was. I stopped adding the sour cream mixture 4 tablespoons short!

  3. The dough is quite soft and sticky - I found it much easier to work with after freezing it. I love how well it turned out on the grill!

  4. Grilled galette! Who'da thunk! :) Great job being resourceful and persistent in your baking. :)


  5. Yummy! I actually did not use all the water that was suggested as I knew it would be way to much and make my dough wet, it came out perfect with less water.

  6. It was small! Glad to know it can be grilled outside--always good to have options. This was a yummy summer treat.

  7. I had the same sticky wet problems. Read 300 times the recipe to look for my mistake but could not find it. Only when somebody (sorry I don't remember the name) wrote on TWD blog that you should add the water by teaspoons ...everything was clear.
    But the recipe in the book requires to mix the water and sourdough...
    Well, lesson learned: next time, we know!

    So pleased for your happy ending (that looks delicious)...and ours!
    Yes, it's definitely a keeper.

  8. That is a lot of picking! You are going to be very busy.
    I grilled mine too :-)

  9. I agree, this really does come together quickly. Glad you liked it!