Monday, August 6, 2012

TWD Blueberry Nectarine Pie (+ Semolina Bread)

Last weekend was my first weekend at home, with power, since June.  July was a very fun, but very busy month for me.  It's really nice to be back home cooking - especially with all of the incredible tomatoes, corn, peaches, and melons - and I'm looking forward to a relaxing month of August.  Paul (the husband) was just complaining that the summer is more than half-way over, and we still haven't had a single fruit pie or galette.  Eever since I made Martha Stewart's summer fruit galette 3 summers ago, Paul has been in love.  He was very happy when I told him that the week's TWD assignment was a fruit pie.  I figured that while I had the oven on, I'd also catch up on the Semolina Bread, and make a Teriyaki Roasted Chicken (from Canal House Vol. 1) for dinner.

Luckily, I remembered from reading the Semolina Bread P&Qs that the rise was a long one, so when we got home from the farmer's market around noon I got out the book and added up the hours.  8 hours until the bread would be ready to eat!  I started the bread right away, and started the pie crust after we finished our lunch.  I'm always trying to eat less refined flour and sugar (too often unsuccessfully), so I decided to make some changes to these recipes.  For the bread, I substituted half white whole wheat flour for the all purpose. For the pie, I substituted the Spelt Pie Dough from (Good to the Grain) for the pie dough called for in the recipe.  I also used turbinado sugar in the filling, and used less than the recipe called for.

I was very happy with how both recipes came out.  I really liked both the texture and flavor of the bread.  It was great fresh, and I also thought it made good toast the next day.  I was very frustrated while making the pie.  I (stupidly) used my 9" cake pan with 2" sides, and it didn't work at all.  The sides were too tall for the crust to hang over, and I could barely crimp it at all.  Next time, I will just use my common sense and use my pie pan.  Luckily, it didn't affect the taste at all, and we both loved the flavor of this pie.


  1. I think both your recipes look fantastic. I also used a cake pan with higher sides, and the dough folded over on itself. Oh, well.

  2. I love "Good to the Grain" - so many great recipes.
    Your bread & pie look great.

  3. I thought the semolina was excellent, I will make it again. I passed on the pie mostly because my son got married that week and pie making didn't even make it on the list!
    But everyone gave the pie rave reviews so I need to make it soon. Local nectarines are just on--and blueberries are always available at Costco!