Monday, July 22, 2013

FFWD Swordfish with Frilly Herb Salad + Sable Breton Galette with Berries

My mom and I struggle with garnishes.  Very frequently I'll chop parsley or cilantro to add to my dish at the end, finish the dish, plate it, eat dinner (we're usually very hungry by the time dinner is ready!), go back to the kitchen, and then realize that the garnish is still on the cutting board.  My mom does this all of the time too, and then spends the rest of the night beating herself up for forgetting the cilantro.  Paul, on the other hand, doesn't see the point of garnishes.  He once said to me that he knows that parsley is supposed to look pretty, but he doesn't think it's worth having green stuff stuck in his teeth.  I tried explaining to him that parsley and cilantro aren't just garnishes--they also add flavor to the dish--but he was unconvinced.  So, when I saw the recipe for the frilly herb salad I was pretty sure Paul wouldn't go for it.  I made it anyway and hoped for the best.  Paul didn't say one word about it (he's a smart guy!) but he very carefully sat and picked all of the parsley off of his fish before he started eating.  Oh well.  Honestly, I like parsley but I wasn't a big fan of the salad either.  I wish the parsley had been chopped instead of left whole (I think I was following the recipe, although maybe I just missed a step), and I thought there was way too much of it.  I did enjoy my fish, though.  The marinade was excellent.  I ate salmon and Paul ate swordfish and I thought the marinade worked well with both fishes.

I also made the Sable Breton Galette this week, which means I'm officially all caught up on FFWD recipes (except for the few I skipped because I don't eat the main ingredient and couldn't think of a substitute).  What can I say about it?  I'm really starting to appreciate recipes that have parts that can be made ahead.  One day I made the gallette dough, the next I made the lemon curd, and then that evening I baked off the gallette dough.  None of the components were hard or especially time consuming, but it was nice to be able to divide the steps.  Since there are only two of us I cut the tart into wedges, and added curd and berries to each one only as we were ready to eat it.  We really enjoyed this--I absolutely love lemon and summer berries are hard to beat--and I also appreciate how adaptable the recipe is.  I can imagine making this in the winter with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


  1. The marinade was really good..I will make it again. Your Breton Galette looks beautiful…very nicely done!

  2. I agree with Kathy, this marinade can be used with other meats/fish. We enjoyed the swordfish
    and will definitely do this again. Both of your recipes look great and so delicious.

  3. I am glad you both liked the fish. Your sable breton galette loooks fabulous - so summery.

  4. Yes - it was great marinade, a keeper.

    Wouldn't mind having a piece of that galette for breakfast :-)