Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TWD Baked Yogurt Tart

I'm definitely a "Type A" person.  I always have a to-do list, I love nothing more than checking things off my list, and while I'm doing one thing I'm usually thinking about what I can get done next.  At the end of my pregnancy I had very detailed lists of things that needed to get done before the baby was born, in the hospital immediately after the baby was born, later in the month of June, and later in July.  After coming home from the hospital, I tried to maintain my habit of making and keeping to to-do lists, even if the "to-dos" included things like "take a shower."  I'm starting to learn that, at least for me, with an infant it just isn't possible.  My pre-natal yoga teacher advised renaming all of my to-do lists to "tentative to-do lists."  I like that.  I'm trying to think of it more as goals for the day, and not as things that need to get done.  None of the things on my list are that important, and there's always tomorrow.  Right now, the only really important thing is to take good care of Charlotte and enjoy the time I get to spend with her, and I'm happy even if we get nothing else done all day.

All this to say that I'm trying to forgive myself for being a day late in posting.  I really wanted to get the tart made on Monday and the post up Tuesday.  It didn't happen.  Then I thought I could both make the tart and get the post up on Tuesday.  When I pulled the finished tart out of the oven at 10 last night I decided it just wasn't going to happen.  I also didn't have a chance to taste the tart on the day it was made, which I really wanted to.  I'm worried it won't be as good today.  If it isn't, I definitely won't blame the recipe.  Parenting challenges aside, this was a really easy recipe.  The hardest part for me was getting the crust into the pan.  I used a 9" cake pan and rolled the crust to 12", as the recipe suggests, but my crust barely went up the sides of the pan.  There definitely wasn't any overhang.  I don't quite understand what I did wrong.  Maybe my cake pan has especially high sides?  The only other challenge was getting the tart out of the pan.  I wasn't going to bother, but this morning while Charlotte was napping I decided to brave it.  The first time I flipped it it didn't budge at all, but I flipped it back over, ran the knife around the edges again, and the second time was a success.  Even if it doesn't taste great, I'm happy with how the tart looks!  This would definitely be a perfect dessert for the 4th.


  1. Ohhh yeah, when you have an infant to care for, everything else gets pushed aside! That's how it's supposed to be! :)

    Your tart looks beautiful, Jora!

  2. I like your yoga instructors advice! By all means let things go - enjoy your children - they grow up so fast. I ate mine the same day and the next. It seemed fine both days to me; though I did not really care for it. Very bland.

  3. Stuff gets done when its gets done - even now that my girls are out of high school, there are times they keep me so busy that I wonder how I'll ever get anything done again. Somehow, it usually works itself out :-)

    I hope you had a chance to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Have a good holiday!

  4. Your tart looks great! I left mine in the pie pan, as I wasn't brave enough to try flipping it! I thought it tasted good the next day too (cold from the fridge).

  5. I'm amazed you even attempted this with a new babe...and it turned out beautifully!!!!

  6. I like your yoga exercise teachers suggestions! Go ahead and permit issues move : take pleasure in your young ones -- that they grow up so quickly. I ingested my own within 24 hours and the next. This appeared great each nights if you ask me; though I didnrrrt worry for it. Very mundane.
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