Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TWD Hazelnut Biscotti

I was happy when I saw this week's TWD selection.  Biscotti aren't my favorite dessert - they seem almost healthy - but I definitely enjoy them.  More importantly, I do secretly like that they're healthy, and they're easy to make.  They seemed like a great choice because I knew I'd only have a day to make them in between the end of my 3 week cleanse, and our trip to Spain and Italy tonight (!).  I bought the hazelnuts last weekend, and was all set to make them this Sunday.  The only problem was that the huge storm hit us Friday night, and we lost our power.  As I write this (Monday evening Tuesday morning), we still don't have power.  

I really wanted to make these, though, so we decided to improvise.  Luckily, preparing the dough doesn't require any electronic mixers.  Our stove works (another great thing about having a gas stove!) so I just toasted the hazelnuts on the stove instead of using the oven.  Then, Paul heated the grill to 300.  I was pretty worried about baking on the grill, but Paul was very confident and he was right.  Our grill has a thermometer on the outside, and it really was just like using an oven.

These came out excellently.  I really love the hazelnut flavor.  They're good plain - better with coffee - and I also served them with some rhubarb compote (just rhubarb that Paul grew heated with honey and cassis) and yogurt.

For the biscotti recipe, visit our hosts for the week: Jodi and Katrina.  I'll be out of town for the next 12 days, but I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts when I get back from vacation!