Friday, March 22, 2013

TWD Finnish Pulla

I was very excited to try this bread and it did not disappoint.  As a child I would tell people that my favorite foods were challah and whipped cream.  I like to think I've grown up in some regards, but I still love both of them.  I make challah pretty often, but was glad to try this Pulla.  It seemed reasonably similar to a challah, but with less eggs and the addition of milk and cardamom.  I found the cardamom addition especially intriguing.  Paul doesn't love cardamom, but I think it can add a really nice flavor dimension.  The dough was easy to make and relatively easy to shape, although mine certainly isn't as pretty as some of the other bloggers'!  It tasted excellent, though.  The only problem that I can think of is its size.  It would really take a crowd to finish it.  Luckily it freezes well, and it's been fun to pull it out of the freezer for french toast.

1 comment:

  1. This bread was one of the best I have ever made (and largest) - loved the cardamom addition.
    Beautiful bread!