Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TWD Foccacia

I'm very curious to see how this recipe worked for everybody else.  I didn't follow instructions as carefully as I normally do, and had a lot of trouble.  First, I tried using some whole wheat flour and vital wheat gluten to replace some of the AP flour.  I think it hurt my rise.  Second, on the day I was actually going to bake the loaves I just took the ziploc bags out of the fridge and left them on the counter for a couple of hours while I cooked other things.  I totally missed the instructions about taking the balls of dough out of the bags (although mine had lost their shape and didn't look at all like balls at that point anyway) and covering them with flour.  Third, I didn't pay much attention to the dimensions of the foccacia as I was shaping the dough, and think I ended up stretching it way too thin.  So, I ended up with very thin foccacia--not pillowy at all--that could not be sliced in half.  It was thin enough to use one piece for the top of my grilled vegetable sandwich and a second piece for the bottom.  It still tasted great and the sandwiches are excellent, but I think I'm going to try this one again and really focus on the instructions.

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  1. I am very sure that I stopped following directions somewhere in the middle of this one (especially when it came to the final rises and shaping).
    The sandwiches sound great.