Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TWD French Apple Tart

I think, again, that my main problem with this dessert was not being able to get good enough apples.  I used the granny smiths the recipe called for, but grocery store apples in January just don't seem to be that great.  After roasting them for the called for amount of time, they were still way too hard to mash. I tried letting them go a while longer, but it didn't help at all.  I finally put them in the food processor and was able to get the filling to an applesauce-like consistency, but the flavor just wasn't that great.  The other thing that drove me crazy with this dessert was the crust.  I had trouble understanding the instructions, and my fluted edges are nowhere near as pretty as I'm sure they were supposed to be.  We still definitely enjoyed the dessert, but I don't think I would go to the trouble again, unless I had some really fresh fall apples.

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  1. This was an odd recipe - I ended up using apple sauce mixed with bread crumbs instead of roasting and mashing the apples. I think this would definitely be more appealing when apples are in season.